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The Exploded Note 7

Samsung is a South Korean Multinational Conglomerate Company mostly known for selling Consumer electronic goods like Smartphones, Sd cards,etc.The South Korean Giant recently Launched What is known as the Note 7 to it's note series of smart Phones.

Moment of disaster

Everything seemed to be fine, the Note 7 was selling great and bringing profits to Samsung Until Numerous Claims started to raise of it's battery exploding while charging.Due, to many such claims Samsung was forced to recall the already sold Note 7 Phones and temporarily halt it's sales of the Note 7.If, you happened to be one of the few people to have not yet have gotten your Note 7 replaced, Hurry!!

Tragic Loss

It is estimated that the recall and replacing of the Note 7 phones costed Samsung $1 Billion in Money.Adding Fuel to the Fire was all of this happened 1 Day Before the release of the New iPhone-7.Considering these 2 are rivals for the smart Phone market, this is a huge blow to Samsung in terms of both market share and Revenue.
Hey there again, its been so long that I've posted something. And this time, we're gonna cover something special and interesting. You might feel this very interesting once you know how we do it. 
So keep reading and read until you get to  know each and  every step clearly. Don't worry, because this isn't that difficult! 

In this tutorial, we'll use the great, brand new video editing software - Hitfilm 3 Pro by FXHome. Don't worry if you have Hitfilm 2 Ultimate or Hitfilm 4 Express. Because this trick is possible in almost every versions of Hitfilm ever released. Anyway, I'm using Hitfilm 4 Pro* to teach you how to get this done!

Before we start learning the steps to do this, we have to know what we're actually going to do! Yes, as you already read in a line above, we're going to make a video clip out of a photo! Yes a Photo!...
First of all, we'll take a photo of a place (something like a room is better - basic geometric shapes are better than complex shapes like plants, leaves and such objects) with a good enough camera. Don't worry if you don't have a DSLR or something professional. Its not required. You just need a good enough point and shoot camera, that can capture a good enough, clear photo by keeping it steady. We'll take a picture and then import it to our software (Hitfilm), and then, make a video out of it. I'm still not telling how!
        In Hitfilm, we have a 3D space, where we edit and composite our shots. And in this case, our photo. Before we start using, or importing the photo we've taken in the first step, we will make a virtual Room(that's why I said that basic shapes are better) in the 3D space of our Hitfilm Composition.  We will make 6 Plane layers in the composition timeline, and then make them all 3D plane layers. And we will align them to make a virtual 3D room. After doing that, we will import our photo, and then apply specific parts of the photo to each of the virtual planes. I think you didn't get it. 
For example, we will then have a virtual 3D room, which will have 6 faces. Each of the face will be considered as a wall in the photo of the room we have taken. And also, when we make these 3D planes, we should make it like the same as in the photo. And then we apply each walls in the real photo, to each faces of the virtual  room we've created. And then, we  get a virtual world with the real photos  applied on each walls. So we will feel like its real. But as it is a virtual world, we can explore it by moving our virtual camera. So that this trick enables us to move around the room we have created, without actually doing it. But  still, as we are using a photo to do this, we won't be able to get the motion that actually happen in that room, at that time. That's common sense. But this creative method enables  us to simply make some great looking intros, and shake-less camera movements that are pretty hard to do in the real life!

Things required to make this

  • A Digital Camera (Point & Shoot is enough) with a non-wide angle lens(Means - not too wide)
  • A good enough computer
  • Hitfilm 2/3/4 - Ultimate/Pro/Express (Any versions)
I don't want to make you much bored. So let's start doing it...

You can watch the much more detailed video version of this tutorial by clicking the button below:

Step 1 :
Before you turn on your editing pc, take your camera, and take a good photo of the room, you want to virtually create and do the tricks with. You should take the photo from the center of one of the horizontal faces of the room. So that it would become much easier to do. The better the perspective, the easier it would be.

Step 2 :
Turn on your computer and open up Hitfilm.

Step 3 :
After opening up Hitfilm 3 Pro, Move the cursor all the way to the top left, and click that New  Button. Then the following screen will be shown:

Those are the project properties. Edit them as you want. Or just leave it as it is...
After its done, click the button - Start Editing

Step 4 :

This might be how it looks for you too, after  clicking start editing. You can change the layout as you want. To make it easier, I'd prefer enabling "All Panels" .

After enabling All Panels in the Workspace  layouts, your screen might look something like this:

Then move the cursor to the bottom left side of the screen, and there you'll see a New Button.
Click it and then select Composite shot from the opening up drop down menu, as seen below:

Then a popup Window will show  up. Change the Composite shot settings as you wish and click OK to proceed.Give the composition a name if you wish.

Step 5 :
The  next thing to do is to import the photo we have taken. To do this, move the cursor to the bottom left side of the screen and there you will see a button called "IMPORT" with an arrow icon aside it. Click on that Arrow icon and then select "Media" from the dropdown menu :

Then a browse window will open up. Use that, browse to your photo, and then import it.

Step 6 :

After importing the photo, your editor should look something like this. You can see the photo you've imported on the MEDIA section on the bottom left.

Click and drag the photo file from the left to the timeline(of composite shot) on the right. And put it there. 

Then press F2 And rename the Picture Layer to something you like, like "Background image" or something else...

After doing that, click on "New Layer" on top of that composition section. Then select Camera from the drop down menu that comes up when clicking  that new layer button.

Step 7 :
After adding the new camera layer, Rename it as Static Camera(Not important. But it will make it easier to identify which camera we should make changes to, later.)

Then make a new "PLANE LAYER" And name it as "Floor"
Change it from 2D to 3D Plane by cliciking the small checkered square just on the right of the floor layer :

Step 8 :
Move  on to the effects tab and search for Grid in it. Drag the Grid effect right to the floor layer.
Then, click, resize, ROTATE and align the Grid to fit correctly to the floor in our photo.
Remember that you should rotate the Grid in X axis to perfectly align it on the Z axis.

Step 9 :
Now, Copy the "Floor Layer" And paste it 4 times and rename each of them as Back Wall(The one you see on the center) , left wall, right wall and ceiling!

And don't forget to rotate and align each of these layers' grids to fit each of the wall you see on the frame. And also, its better to check in the different 3D views to make sure that there is no gaps between your wall  and floor layers. The Room should be actually a room in the virtual 3D space. Hope you know that.

Step 10 :
Now go and uncheck/disable the Grid effect in each of these layers(Floor, Left Wall, Right Wall and Ceiling).
After you do this, the layers will become black. so that if you see a gap between them, that means that your  alignment has some problem. Tweak the position and alignment of the floor , walls and ceiling layers to make those gaps disappear. So that, you should see only a black screen when you complete doing this.

Step 11 :
Now, go to the effects tab, And search "Projector".

Drag that Projector effect to your Floor layer(Can be any wall layers too).
Then go to that layer, expand effects, and then expand Projector Effect. There you will see a dropdown called Project From. Click it and select the Background image layer(The one that we made at first - the layer which include our photo).

Now, click on the Projector Effect, And press CTRL + C to copy it. Then click on each other floor, walls and ceiling layers and press CTRL + V

Step 12 :
Now click new layer, and make a new Camera layer. Rename it as Main Camera.

Our project has almost completed. We've created the Virtual Room. And this Main Camera is the one that we can use to move around in the room we've created. Try dragging the camera in the room we've created. And you can see that you are moving around in that room. Its somewhat like virtual reality. And now, do the keyframe work, add some grading and make it look nice. Add some motion to the camera using Keyframes.

You have read the article version. Now to understand it much clearly, you can watch the detailed video version of this tutorial.

Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. And if it helped you, please press the like button below and give us a share if you can. Your support is our wealth.

And if you still have any doubts in any of the steps in this tutorial, then please leave a comment below. We'll reply as soon as possible.
Thanks for taking your time to read this long tutorial article. Hope you liked it.

Sage Quotes
Can't access your android apps simultaneously without closing the current one? Well here, you have a solution.

Introducting the Taskbar App. This app will let you open any app without closing the current app. Watch the video to know more.
The app tray is at the bottom left corner

If you don't know the Iphone is a game changing chain of smart phones that are designed and marketed by Apple.Firstly introduced By Tech Visionary Steve-Jobs(Read a blog that's coming soon on Steve Jobs, how a dreamer changed this world) the iphone has No doubt become one of the most revolutionary products of the 20th century!The series includes 2 types that come out every alternative year and also features 2 models in each of them.The first series comes out with the name such as the iphone 6 and iphone6+,the following year another type is introduced to this world after it's predecessor named like the iphone 6s and iphone6s+. Apple makes 1 phone for a year that is Long awaited and hyped by rumours.We have been finally over to the official release of the IPHONE7.This is Sathvik, join me as we explore all the new features, What we think are the biggest Let-downs,Biggest improvements and some of the rumours which are and aren't true.
                                                             Concept model


Just like every year wev'e had plenty of rumours surrounding the New Iphone 7.

1.Apple's ditching the headphone-Jack
2.Apple is coming with a blue colour Iphone
3.Apple is gonna come up with a new design
   The list goes on and on

Check out some cool Cases and covers for iPhone 7


                                                          The new iphone 7 in Jet Black


1.The Iphone had a huge bump in the camera line-up and the 7+(the bigger variant) featured not one but 2 camera's in the rear side.
2.The Iphone 7 is now totally internally redesigned to be water-resitant
3.The iphone 7 now feature's stereo Speakers
4.This is the Iphone with the longest battery ever
5.It's available in 2 new colours namely Black and Matt-black
6.The airpods
7.They bumped up the internal storage option
8.A totally new Home button
9.A huge improvement in Hardware, with it's new A10 chip the Iphone 7 screams
10.Finally, the new screen that is brighter and more vivid
Apple claims this is the best Iphone that they have ever made.
As we can see some of the rumours had the features right and some didn't.
As far as i'm concerned I My biggest Upgrade is Definitely the new Camera and I'd say that my biggest let down is there is no Wireless charging on this Thing.


Just like any year, apple has lived up to it's hype by bringing out many new features and with apple's sales dropping only time can tell if This phone saves the fate of apple and keeps it as the most valuable company ever created!!    

And here's a funny video which might be interesting to you...

Hey there guys, This is yet another post after a long gap again. And this time, you're reading the brief review of the brand new Motorola Moto G4 Plus.

Smartphone lovers are always eager to know more about a phone whenever there is a new one. And this is yet another new smartphone from the great brand Motorola. And this time, Motorola has came up with a great new smartphone, with great specifications and a great new design too. 

This time, Motorola has added a fingerprint sensor on the bottom of the screen. But the placement seems to be not too good, because people usually likes to have a fingerprint sensor on the back. 
But its okay, because this phone powers a great fingerprint sensors that works almost very fast.
So we have to ignore that even if it makes the phone look slightly bad from the front. 
It would have been better to see the phone in a clean premium design on the front. The Fingerprint sensor makes it look like an old design....
 And this phone features a great processor which is powerful enough to play almost all good graphical games, even though it lags on some particular high end games. When compared to the Moto G3, the previous generation of this smartphone, this phone performs great with that new Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 CPU inside. This smartphone sports a new 16 Megapixel  rear camera which is supported by a Laser Autofocus technology which makes the camera one of the best in the range. 
And its great to see that this phone came with the latest Android Marshmallow, and that  makes this phone perform greater than others. The 5.5 Inch screen maybe too big for some people, but still its good for the big screen lovers. You can hold it on your hand, even though you can't completely take control of the phone with one hand.
Even though, the 1080p Full HD display gives fantastic picture quality, as usual. The display is vibrant enough and its slightly improved compared to the previous generation Moto G3.
Even while the 16 MP rear camera makes it great, the front facing 5MP camera may not be enough for some selfie lovers. But still, that 5MP works fine enough as it is a front camera.
With the rear camera, you can shoot 1080p 30fps Full HD videos that are vibrant and good in case of quality.

When coming to the sensors' side, this phone has an accelerometer, gyroscope, light sensor and that fingerprint sensor you saw. But still this phone lacks a great feature that could have been very great to see on such a phone, NFC! Yeah, If you don't know about the usages of NFC, please don't think bad. NFC is a very useful feature to have on a smart device. If you have a +Sony  camera with NFC on it, you can understand why I said that. And otherwise, this phone has all necessary sensors that anybody would need. 

We can't complain Motorola for not including NFC on such a budget smartphone because, NFC is not usually found on the category. But still that +Lenovo K4 Note has NFC which is lesser costlier than this phone!
 Moto G4 plus comes in two 3 variants, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. But still I recommend going for 32GB or 64GB. And this phone comes with three different RAM options too, 2GB, 3Gb and a 4GB!!.
But you can't buy a 16GB with 3GB or 4GB RAM  at the same time! Because its based on the one you select. The one with 32GB ROM comes with a 3GB Ram and the 64GB one comes with a 4GB RAM. And I recommend buy the 32GB one because, it has lesser heating issues compared to the 4GB one.

I'm not making you bored by this review, I want to let you know the problems before you buy this phone. 
Check out the PROS and CONS Below for more short info on this.....

  1. Fast and accurate Fingerprint Sensor
  2. Upto 64GB is offered
  3. Can capture 120fps Slow motion videos(120fps at 540p resolution)
  4. USB OTG Support
  5. 16 Megapixel Laser autofocus camera with dual led flash.

  1. Heats up very fast (Even when not using heavy apps)***
  2. NFC is not included
  3. Device is not water resistant(Moto G3 was)
  4. Battery is not removable.
  5. The camera app lags sometimes.
  6. Doesn't support VoLTE

    *** UPDATE : The Heating issue has been almost solved by Motorola with just a few simple software updates! And now, its one of the perfect devices. Before, it touched around 50°C, and now it touches the max of around 45°C. That's a huge improvement and now this one is a very nice one to purchase.

Should you buy this phone?

If you ask me whether you should buy this phone or not, I'd say, YES!
Because this phone has the power to be your favorite smart device. But I'd prefer the 32GB or 16 GB variant, because the 64GB - 4GB RAM variant has a very high heating issue. 32GB might be enough and you can expand it by using a micro SD too. So the 32GB variant is the best choice if you're gonna buy a Moto G4 Plus. And I'd prefer not choose the Moto G4, because G4 Plus is much better in case of everything. Both has same power inside but the features are pretty less in that Moto G4.
So go for G4 Plus if you want to have a great smartphone on your hand. But if you hate heating, you shouldn't go for this device.!

© Nived Kannada
Look at this photo, See how good it is. And I didn't use a DSLR to capture this photo. Instead, I used my +Sony Handycam Digital camcorder to capture this beautiful photo. And in this tutorial, we're gonna cover how we can get the maximum result out of our point and shoot camera or camcorders like Handycam!

  1. Make your camera as steady as possible while taking the photo.
  2. Point and shoot cameras have a small sensor when compared to DSLRs(not in case of costly point and shoot cams).So that a very small shake can cause a bad blur on the photo we take.So keep your camera very steady and capture the photo only when its steady.
  3. Use the timer function instead of pressing the shutter button to capture.
  4. A slight vibration can cause the photo to be slightly blurred, or non clear.So use the timer function after focusing and leave the camera stable to take very nice and clear pictures.
  5. Don't take pictures handheld!
  6. When taking photos with your point and shoot camera, don't take it handheld if you want really great photos.You can take it handheld if the situation is like that.But when shooting a non-moving subject, use a tripod instead of holding the camera on your hand.And don't forget to use the timer function to make sure you get the best out of it.
  7. Make sure you focus the right object!
  8. Most point and shoot cameras doesn't offer a manual focus function.If one has the function, then use it to touch focus the subject.But when you touch focus a subject, that may or may not be in focus.So to verify that, most cameras offer a way to identify this. When you touch on the cameras' screen or press the shutter half way down to focus, then you might notice one or more green colored boxes around your subject(if you're in auto mode). If that box doesn't turn green and you don't hear the bleep noise, then move the camera a little and retry focusing. By doing this, make sure that the subject is sharply in focus and make your photo entirely perfect.Remember one thing that you won't hear that bleep noise if the object is not focused.!

Hope you enjoy this post.!
source: snapdeal.com
As all the Ubuntu lovers were waiting in India, two Ubuntu phones were just launched by the famous and the first company which built an Ubuntu phone.
The spanish hero, and the first company to launch ubuntu phones has officially launched their two Ubuntu based smartphones in India.
You may have already heard about those sleek little devices just when they were launched in european union even while it weren't available to buy from out of Europe. That made us all disappointed a little. But even then, Indian Ubuntu lovers kept on searching for ubuntu phones to come and their specs a lot. And at last, that long time of waiting is ending here. Ubuntu Phones are here.

BQ Has launched Two devices with Ubuntu touch as the default operating system which are AQUARIS E4.5  and AQUARIS E5

BQ Aquaris E4.5 is a low end smartphone which has limited features but still good enough.
And BQ Aquaris E5 is a little more better than E4.5. And it has better features which really people need.

Aquaris E4.5 comes with a non HD IPS Display which is good enough but still a bit bad even while the Aquaris E5 has HD IPS Display which is far better than that.

There is something cool is that these two devices has big difference in features which really contrasts the people. But still their prices are only about 2,000₹ different. But it is good from the side of the buyers.

Aquaris E4.5 has an 8GB of internal memory and Aquaris E5 has 16GB. And everything is almost double the amount in Aquaris E5. And also about the RAM, Aquaris E5 has 1GB of RAM while the E4.5 has only 512 MB.!

And if we check about the Camera, it has also big difference. E5 has 13 Megapixel Primary camera and 5 Megapixel Front facing camera. And the E4.5 has only 8 Megapixel Primary and 5 Megapixel front snapper.

There is big difference between these two devices. But if you check their prices you will have to wonder why!
Aquaris E4.5 is ₹11,999 and Aquaris E5 is priced at ₹13,499 ... Its no big different right?
Yes it isn't. 

Let the price be anything, Lets check the specifications,
If you check out the tech specs of both of these devices, you won't see any big difference. But still both are performing very well as per the user reviews. Aquaris E5 is a little bit bigger than E4.5 . But its just a little difference. But as we can guess, Aquaris E5 is a new model in which they fixed the problems found in the E4.5 version even while they don't say that.

And one good thing is that both models have dual sim support. So its so easy to carry your contacts with you. And also about the processor, both smartphones has 1.3 GHz of clockspeed which is good enough for gaming and everything at most. Both phones has Quad Core Cortex A7 Processor.

Android is a young brother of Ubuntu (Android has Linux Kernal in base). So Ubuntu might be experienced than Android!

And the Greatest thing you get by buying this amazing little device is that UBUNTU TOUCH Operating system.

Yes I am talking about Ubuntu. Ubuntu had never been so easier to use like in this one before even in Computers. Ubuntu had lots of limitations. But those were gone within the past few years.
And then we all waited for Ubuntu edge, a great smartphone announced  by canonical to come.But it was a failure. But from then onwards, ubuntu was being optimized for greater user experience to be used in smart devices. And now it became a great os which looks pretty cool than any other. It has a new way of usage. So it is making a big difference in the world of smartphone. When Samsung launched a Linux based OS named Tizen, it was a big Success. When Google has a Linux Based OS called Android, it is also a big success. They are all Linux. But they just look different. So Think what happens when the biggest and the most popular and used Linux Operating system's Developers make an os for smartphones......!

That is what happened here. Most big companies scare to take a challenge to add new os in their devices. Because they want to make sure that whether it is a success or not. But BQ took a big challenge towards that thought and they launched it. So we might have to thank BQ for launching millions of peoples' Dream come true smartphone.

These phones even support 3G for now.4G can be expected in MEIZU MX4 or even a newer ubuntu device from BQ.
 But for now this is a great relief for those who loved to buy one of those ubuntu phones.
And this means that BQ knows the mind of the people. We Appreciate it.

(I am feeling happy as I also sent a message to BQ saying that please launch it in India!)

                                     BUY NOW

For now these ubuntu phones are exclusively available through Snapdeal in India.
If you want to be different. you can be. Life at your Fingertips!

For more info : http://www.ubuntu.com/phone

The following videos may be helpful.

 Hello, are you an Ubuntu user? And are you so creative? Then you might have thought of editing the themes of your ubuntu system and make it look how you want it to be... May be you are one like that... And that might be why you are reading this article right in here now....
So, you may be thinking that why am I saying such things. I was like that. I always wanted to edit my ubuntu themes and even almost everything as I liked... I didn't like Windows that time. I was a pure Ubuntu enthusiast. But I always wanted to make the structure of a traditional ubuntu style and make it look like a premium Operating system. I always wanted that. And so I searched online for every doubts I had and found how to edit almost every visible things in ubuntu. And that way I found how to edit the splash screen of ubuntu. If you don't know what I meant by splash screen, then here it is,

These splash screens are somehow not visible in some devices. But in most, it is. And you will see those red dots being lit and being white one by one. Its a good animation. But as a creative thinker, you might want to change it and make it look more like something you love. As I loved Apple, I wanted to make my Ubuntu look like Apple OS. And I have tried lots of themes and none were as good enough as I wanted. And that is how I turned into learning the basics of editing the default plymouth theme in Ubuntu.
A Splash screen or Boot animation is called Plymouth theme in Ubuntu
And after that, the result was something like this,

 I got the logo from the internet and made few edits and made it a plymouth theme. And there you go,...

If you want to install this theme on you ubuntu and change that old ubuntu orange dot splash animation to something premium like this..

Information on how to install this plymouth theme on your Ubuntu, is in this page : Click here


If you also support our creativity, then please let us know about your support. You don't have to do a lot of things, but if you are a real supporter of ours, then please leave a comment below.