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Apple iPhone 5 [s]

Apple iPhone 5 [s] has launched 1 month ago.And these are the specs....

Architecture    :   64 Bit
Operating system:   IOS

And a nice camera included with fast capture.And more feature included...

And comes with a highly compact design with easy to use buttons...
If we say about the design,
We can't stop today!
The design is outstanding.And the performance is just like the apple!!(because there's nothing like apple)
The body is completely made of metal(including silver & others)
So the phone falls may not be caused to be damaged!!!
Not value for money.But the brand -Apple- gives you the value in society.That's all for rich mens.poors can only dream it....
The price in india is Rs 53000 ($650)

And Let poors dream it....
Let riches use it...
Money doesn't haves value here infront of Apple!!!!


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