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  Sony decided to launch the all new Xperia Sirius.The Sirius is really made on the platform of Xperia Z1.And this is really looks like Xperia Z1.The feautes have some changes.The Operating system is the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat.This os gives a nice user experience and uses a medium of the 3 GB Ram.The processor is more faster than Xperia Z1.
   The main feature of the phone is the 4K video recording.Yes!The Sirius can record 4k resolution videos.And can take 20.1 MP still pictures.And there is an advanced feature named "Timeshift video" which allows the user to Take high framerated videos and give a slowmotion effect to it! Thats all about Camera.
    The main call feature is Sony's "Smart call handling".This is a move sensing call handler technology.This technology allows the user to answer calls by taking the phone near to ear. And to cancel the call just need to shake the phone.
    Any way the  SONY XPERIA SIRIUS is really built for rich mens.And it should be available in a high cost.But by comparing to others, This is the best phone with a best performance camera!


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