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3d pageflip eBook

This is an example to show you how a high graphical 3d ebook is.I'm sure that you will like this and I'm giving you the chance to make one like this with techniques.First of all check this example given below:

Click the upload PDF button in the example 3D eBook to start making immediately ...

 I used the "Linux Mint 16 user guide" as the 3d page flip eBook.I made it using a website named Flipsnack>>

This is a flash product that this can't be read in some mobile phones and tablets.This needs flash plugin.


Step 1

    First of all go to the website named Flipsnack

Step 2

     Click the "Sign in" in the top banner (Sign in with google , facebook or twitter)

Step 3

       Click the "Select one or more PDF or JPG file to Start"

Step 4

         Select a PDF file from your pc  to upload

Step 5

            Add a flip title and description(that will be shown somewhere)

Step 6

         Click the finish button


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