Dear friends,
            I'm glad to tell you that I'm gonna direct/produce/edit a new movie without the partnership of my brother Athul. From now all my new films will be made only by me.And I have a lot to tell about my new movie.

This new movie haves a long (but not as original films) budget.I'm gonna use a new 1080p full HD HANDYCAM & a new branded video editing suit.
            The story will have a great difference from my other films.And the story's base has been fixed.The story is about friendship,Two best friends. 
                  The actors are new ones.And characters may be fixed soon.Script work is in progress

          I wish others to like my new film.And my film may launch after April 15.

                                                            Please wait for it to come...

                      If you have any suggestions, please add those as comments in this post

                                    Your suggestion will be approved and appreciated

                                                Encourage  me by sharing this post

                                                          Thank you as advance


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