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Fedora 21 is out ! | Download it now

Fedora 21 has been released a couple of weeks ago with fantastic new features and 3 new different flavors which might be useful for those who works in the computer ! So this release may make a big change in the fedora world of linux users ! Nothing more to review, because everyone knows the power of wonderful fedora operating system ! In this post, we are offering the greatness to download for you, in the next articles, expect the powerful review of the powerful fedora workstation, server, and Cloud ! 

Nothing more to say, watch this video !

Download it now, burn it to a DVD, then Boot it to your pc ! Thats all you need to do !

Download Workstation 64Bit 1.4GB

Download Server 64Bit 1.9GB

Visit Fedora Cloud page

Other Downloads


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