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Hey its a good news and also a little bit bad news for every youtube users ! Not just for the ones who upload their videos to youtube, its also for the people who watches videos  in the youtube ! You might be thinking what is the good news now ! Yes Youtube is going to make HTML5 the default player type now ! That means they are moving to the next step of internet video, which allows us to watch videos with less buffer and more quality ! If we can play high graphic multiplayer games without any lags from a server in a far place, then why can't we play just a video from youtube server without lags ? This might be a question in every people who always thinks logic ! Ok leave it and discuss our news, If youtube takes this as a challenge to other video publishing sites, this might make them more useful and popular easilly !Because HTML5 is easy for both Developers and the People ! Didn't yet understood ? Ok let me describe, HTML5 is a new coding language in the web, which has really easy to remember and manage codes, which might be useful for video embedders and because of the speed which HTML5 can produce, might be also helpful for the people who watch videos ! So this might be a turning point in youtube's history.But there are some little problems by upgrading the player to HTML5, is that most of the old versions of our favorite web browsers doesn't even support the New HTML5 thing ! So There will be a big problem that the people who uses old computers with old versions of web browsers and operating systems can't use the Youtube anymore !  But most of the people now has newer versions of web browsers ! But still Java Phones too don't support HTML5, (Most of them weren't even supporting Flash too ! )
So don't see this upgrade from youtube as bad and also great ! But this upgrade might make youtube to step their foot a little more forward !

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