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Even while Xiaomi is under a Problem of leaking indian info to  the China, Their phones are still great in specifications and Performance ! They give really good usage for the people ! So there is no problem checking out their Mi 4 smartphone's specifications, I'm not describing a lot, because I think you know  about Xiaomi ! So lets check out the specs below. !

Even while Xiaomi is a newbie in the smartphone world, we can't just ignore their smartphones, because Their phones are really good in features ! And we can say its featurefull !!!
In this edition, Xiaomi is making it more relevant among the great other smartphones ! And we can't still believe that this ₹19,999 smartphone has a Quadcore processor which gives 2.5 GHz for sure and Andreno Graphics card ! And the 5.0 inch screen is really enough to give you  the experience of a Premium Smartphone ! This is unbelievably fantastic in this price ! Because there is no rivals can give you 2.5 GHz of processing speed and 4K recording for just in this little amount of cost ! So we must say its fantastic ! If you don't believe its good in quality, then ignore this article now ! Because there is no one will say Xiaomi is bad in quality, even while its a Chinese company, we can't just say its made in china, so no use ! Because most of our favorite companies makes their product in China ! And if you check your  MacBook(if has one!) you will see Made in China.So never believe its bad just because of its made in China ! The best ever products people love are made in china, Then why do we think products that are made in china are bad in quality ?? ! No use ! So believe Xiaomi, and believe in the quality ! Xiaomi makes really fantastic smartphones like this Mi 4 !

Anyway Mi 4 is a really great smartphone in the lowest price of as compared to other products in its level of features ! 

The main smart thing this smart Mi 4 has is that it has it has 3 GB ram too ! So its really suitable for gaming and anything creative too ! And another great thing is that is this phone can record 4K videos too ! So make your life live in your videos too ! 
And also it has 13 megapixel rear camera which takes these 4K and full HD videos and Photos ! And another great thing is that this ₹20000 Smartphone has 8 megapixel of front facing camera ! !! Isn't it a wonder ? Can you say no ? The answer is NO !
And also the interface is powered by Android KitKat ! So don't have to worry about anything ! Android made it and makes it easier to manage your lives ! And another feature I saw futuristic is that the Browser supports HTML5 . Now in this new world of HTML5 Websites, its really useful and it might be required to open websites like youtube in future as soon !

So anyway Xiaomi Mi 4 is a real fantastic smartphone which is eligible to be said as the best and the smartest ever smartphone in a valuable price ! So it might fit in any hands !

If you would like to, then you can buy it from Flipkart, But I'm not doing support to them if they do illegal or something bad ! So please don't tell me bad about it ! If you have anything to say, then add it to comments below !

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