Amazing things in Delhi Part :1


      My tour was started at Payyanur. My Mother,Father,Brother & Me.We got on to the Mangala express on time.And I was really in a joyful mood then. Mangala express started to move on track.And I was really enjoying that.I really listened every sounds of the train.It was in a tone like a song - when I hear it.There was also a pantry car in that train,giving us food and water.We brought foods and drinking waters.And our train journey was "MANGALAM".
       The tour was really planned to Delhi was because  my uncle was settled in there for 11 years.And because of that, our journey got more than an ordinary tour! He picked us to
his apartment from the Nissamudheen railway station .And his car was Wagon R, made us sit on height.His apartment was on Neel padam kunj. There were thousands of different type cars.I was wondered!It was first time I see different luxury and ordinary cars and hatches all together.It made me happier,because I've got a chance to live between these cars. My great ambition was to see the Jaguar and Lamborghini.But I could not see those anywhere.But I could see the old fashion Rolls Royce and Volvo.

        On the second day It was 'X'mas.He was leave.We were planned to go to Taj mahal and Vrindavan (Agra)that day.He booked the trip in Panicker Travels some days before.And we went to a junction and waited for their VOLVO XL9400 model Luxury bus on 6:30 am.The bus came on 7'O clock.And we got on to it and placed our selves on the pure leather made seat.It was first time I ever heard to wear the seat belt by the conductor of the bus.I liked it.The owner of that travel agency was a malayalee.It made me like the bus.anyway the bus was really luxury and best to sit.The suspension was like Rolls Royce !...

   They picked us to Agra.When the bus got on to the express highway, The road was covered with fog.Then the bus could not move.If the driver tried to move , the bus will be crashed!It was a cruel moment.At last the driver saw a Volks Wagen Jetta infront.And then he started follow the car.The tail lamp of that jetta was longly visible.That helped the driver to follow confidently.

  They took us to Brijwasi hotel and they gave us the simple breakfast for Rs100.The breakfast was One Sandwitch,iddali and much more like that.

       At last we reached Vrindavan(where the lord krishna was born on).And there was a highly secured checking.But they didn't find the big key inside my uncle's pocket.!!!But they didn't allow me to take photos inside the temple.But I touched the table where the lord krishna was born.That made me happy.

      After that, The bus went to Agra.The fog was difficult.That made the driver to drive the bus slowly.The bus just moved on 60 Km/h & 80 Km/h.It made me boring.And I slept on seat.after the sleep, it was too long in distance to reach the Agra.And me and my brother talked something.At last we reached Agra and it was the time for lunch.They led us to a hotel.After the lunch the we went to a marble wholesale seller near the hotel.There was a big model of Thaj Mahal completely made of marble.And they are selling the smaller sizes of that model for up to 1300 and 700 Rupees. 


     After that we went to Taj Mahal. The road was really smoother than in kerala.At last we reached the Taj mahal.But they are not allowing to get near to Taj mahal using the bus.That was because of the diming of the Taj.The smoke came from the vehicles was dimmed up Taj mahal once.Because of that our bus stopped far from Taj. And there were lots of solutions for travel problems.There were cycle rikshaws , camel , specially modified CNG fuel rikshaws,

My Brother and Father

   And electronic golf quads.We went near to Taj by travelling on a CNG cycle rikshaw.

The experience was truely nice and we got on to the raw to ticket counter.At last we got in to the big reddish gate of Taj Mahal after the super secured checking.Our eyes were lightened then.It was awesomely awesome!

 The gate was really made by using a special type of Red color stone.And all other historical memorials were built by the same stone in Delhi.But Taj was the only one bulit by marble.

      I understood why Taj is wonderful than other builts!That is all because the reddish stone.We can only see that red stone in Delhi and UP.


the gate of the Taj Mahal is also a redstone made.

 That made the Taj more beautiful  than others.

By seeing those type red stones.Our eyes were really reddened.But After seeing Taj Mahal - our eyes were whitened!

   The whitened color of marble made us happy and gave us enjoyment!

  The gate of the Taj was also great.

       Atlast we entered the Taj Mahal....

I couldn't believe that I'm infront of , one of the world's most popular , human made and perfect world wonder! That thought made me eyes were filled with tears by the happiness ...

 I  said to my mind , --- I saw Taj mahal.....Isaw taj mahal.....One of the most famous World wonder.....!!!          

After entering the gate- scene

      I wondered that how Taj Mahal was build then!We can't build one more Taj even now also!That was perfectly perfect.No one can build it anymore.The every piece of marble fitting was completely perfect....

     Just after entering the gate we started taking photos.There was a photographer takes photos of the people and gives them for price.We also took some photos of us with the background of the Taj.

And I took more photos of Taj using my CYBERSHOT.


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And we returned the trip home with Panicker travels volvo xc9400.My uncle shown me thousands of photos that he took with his phone.At last I slept by seeing lots of pictures....

After a long about 100 km, In upto 120 kmph, we reached home.We took the car and went back home.

In that night , we decided to make kanji and payar.And that was good for the cold.That hot kanji made us a relief from icy cold weather...

On next day , we took some photos with My uncle on morning. Those are here.                              

And we were to go to The Red fort . And we went with my uncles car.Some of the traffic was slow on morning.And after sometime,That was fast....

The red fort was nearby of the market Chandni chowk.And my uncle's hospital is there.And when try to park the car in parking area,They gave us the ticket by removing the part where is shown the price to park.And they asked us for more last we parked and went to Redfort.

On there we could see  different types of cycle rikshaws.

And we turned to Redfort...

The gate of the Redfort was great and the front view was also great to see....

We entered ....

I was handling my uncles HANDYCAM and Because of that I missed some views and I gave my CYBERSHOT to my brother to take some pictures...

                                                           TO BE CONTINUED ON NEXT PART

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