Smart Watches: The icon of the Future

After a Long Days I'm here posting new items.This post is all about Smart Watches.

There is a lot of different types of smart phones on the market.There are lots of Brands for
them.And They are trying to make different and different from each other.They are racing together.And one of the Brand company started thinking to make theirs more different.And at last they have found a very difficult way.And the way was to make smart phones more compatible and small.Some companies thought about making their smartphones smaller to become different.Some of them also tried different changes in size.But One of the genius companies thought about converting their smartphone to a small sized wrist carry able Smart Watch.It was just an idea in their mind.It wasn't easy.And the genius company started researching to make the smartphone parts smaller and make it useful.And one of them won in the challenge.It was after a long try.

A Lots of company started making Smart Watches.But not all the company was able to bring all the smart features in Smart watch.Some of them failed a lot and some of them won in this.The first Smart Watch makers were SONY,I'mWatch And some others.And the I'm watch company says their SW is the world's first real Smartwatch. But we can't believe it completely,because The company Isn't very familiar to the people.But the I'm watch is good and performing a lot.After the launch of I'm watch, SONY wasn't able to declare from making SMART WATCHES.SONY made a new Smart Watch at the platform of their first Smart Watch.And they named it "SMART WATCH 2". The Smart Watch 2 made a better performance and got a place at the side of I'm Watch!

The smart watches are easy to carry on the GO and easy to use.It gives a free hand for the user.Anyway Smartwatches will be the icon of the Future.................

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