This post is not about Skoda SuperB.

I mean, This post is completely for a surprise...
.I got a lot of views in this blog.And I'm a little famous in my place.I have uploaded a lot of short films which are made by me in youtube many times.My short films took a lot of time to get upto 300 views.And they only had just 5 Likes.It was all my discourages moments.And now, I made a new movie named AT THE EDGE.
And I uploaded it and within 2 days, It got upto 200 views and 25 Likes...
It made me happy.This is my winning. This was what I needed.This was all because my new Full HD handycam and new editing system...And I'm giving my special thanks to my new friends.

After a long, It was promoted on facebook by different persons...

Go And Watch

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