Why does Apple uses an 'i' behind the names?

While browsing throught the web...I found that a lot of people are asking questions at ask.com and some other answering services...The question was : what is the fulform  of the 'i' used
behind the names of 
Apple products?
And it was also a question in my mind! I've googled it and At last...I found it...The answer is really big...But I will say it in a short paragraph...Their first product was called iMac...The fullform of that 'i' was "internet"
But not all of their products are internet devices.There is the twist lies.Apple started naming all of their product starting with an 'i'.Its just for a difference from other companies....Otherwise we can surely say the 'i' used behind the names of Apple products doesn't have a proper meaning.They place it just as a memorial of their first product...

Didn't you understand this post? We meant is - why does apple adds an 'i' behind their product names...
just look at their product names:   Apple iTunes      Apple iPod   Apple iPad  Apple iPhone


                                                                                                  source: www.Apple.com

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