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On the past month we heard that SONY leaves their VAIO pc's and continuing it as a new stand-alone brand !
And They will still continue the servicing also.

While I heard this , I felt something different.
Because VAIO is one of the best laptop brand in the world.
And the another latest heard new came to my mind:
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The story comes in my mind is that the Steve jobs was once requested SONY to produce products in a newer partnership....That means they wanna run their operating system (MAC OS X) in the VAIO pcs..!

Yes it can be right.Because I think thats why SONY made the decision to make VAIO as a Stand-alone brand to show the pride of VAIO.
VAIO pcs aren't showing the SONY labelling.
VAIO labelling gives more than the SONY labelling.
So , Sony could have been thought these things last month.The reason could be the request of Steve Jobs to run their OS in VAIOs.

The VAIO pcs are better than MACBOOKS to run Mac Os X !
That may be the reason why did Steve jobs requsted SONY to run their OS !

One more thing to say: SONY is the best. Steve has proven it !
This is all in my thought.

If you don't agree to my opinions Then tell me your suggestions in Comments...

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