Vaio Returns

Yes, As of I told you before in my earlier blog post, Sony left Vaio and I has been started again as a new stand-alone company which isn't under +Sony Read the earlier post
Yes They left it.But don't think it bad, VAIO Is a new company but its still gonna use theparts born in the factory of +Sony ... That shouldn't be bad anyway. And the new Vaio badging without the SONY labelling is looking more better than before.There was a problem in vision when we see a Vaio with both sony and Vaio badges. But Now it looks more elegant and more Premiumness !!.... Now it looks more better and sure the price is lower than before !!!

Screenshot by Nived Kannada
And their website looks more better than Before too... !! The website address is
Now it looks great but soon it will be greater than great famous. :)
The new website is really looks great...You can feel it live by visiting it.I'm not lying :)
Its completely animated and looks more perfect.Anyways that better than the website of SONY. :)
That website can even make one buy their laptop.Thats the correct discription for website.
But the problem is that +Vaio Laptop  is still not available in countries other than Japan.But we can wait for it to come.....

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