Jolla Smartphone: The fist ever Linux Smartphone to launch !

Jolla Smartphone with Snow white back panel(Theme changes as the back panel color !)
Jolla smartphone was launched a couple of weeks ago ! And its a little review of  it to let you also know about it !

Jolla smartphone is the world's first ever smartphone to have a linux based opensource operating system built in ! It has the power of the newly custom made Sailfish OS ! And this phone contains no physical buttons which means we won't have to press anywhere other than the screen to manage everything ! .And also supports the most of the android apps too ! So it will be helpful and the future generation's dream phone ! And there is a cool feature which can't be seen in any android smartphones is that the theme of this phone will be automatically changed as of the color of the back panel we fix with it ! .And also one more great thing which can't be missed to say is that this phone can run unlimited number of apps at the same time as we do in our computer ! 

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