Apple Mac Mini with High specs - MGEM2HN/A

Apple Mac Mini MGEM2HN/A - Intel Core i5, 4 GB, 500 GB HDD 4 Mini PC


Product description: If you are a big apple fan, then this is the right choice for you to say "I own an apple product\" proudly to your friends. Because just within this little price, Apple Mac Mini gives you a dreamy performance which will surely be your favor.If we can say a short description about this Mac Mini, We will say like this: Mac Mini is a portable, easy to use, high performance desktop computer packed in a really tiny little box ! Yes its really little in look. so you can take it with where ever you go. Wow, its an amazing idea right ? ! Yes, Its so small so you can take it with you anywhere.But one condition stands there is that you might have a monitor, keyboard and mouse at least. But that is not a big problem if we check out the specs of this tiny great thing.Just take a look at the basic features which this tiny box can give you, #This Mac Mini has USB 3.0 ! Yes its great. But if you don\'t have a USB device which supports usb 3.0 port, then its useless too. But if you have one, then its fast as superman ! # And the next feature is the HDMI which makes it helpful for you to share the system screen to another device or not, And another great features is the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity ! Bluetooth isn\'t that important in an ordinary desktop or even in the laptops.But most of the laptops has it.But this Mac Mini has the latest version of the tiny little blue color tooth which best works so faster than bluetooth 3.0. But there is also a condition to use it, that you must have another device supporting bluetooth 4.0 to use it ! And lets talk about more technical, Yes I\'m talking about the GPU !!! A gamer might have scrolled down so much first time to see the GPU specs ! Then here it is, This little Mac Mini has powered by the intel\'s best quality intel HD 5000 GPU integrated ! So you won\'t have to worry about this just because of its size ! And then you might be worried about the storage of this great little thing, Yes don\'t worry, it has a 500 gigabyte of Hard Disk Drive Built in and its qualified the expandability upto 1 terabyte (TB). So not just a high spec GPU, there is enough space to upload as much as you want. ! And about the Operating system, this Mac mini has Apple\'s latest edition OS which is called OS X Yosemite ! So you can be pride of your Mac Mini, even while its Miniature design ! And not just a usb port available, there is a lot more ports too, that you can input your SDXC card in the SD card reader built in to it. And also don\'t worry about the RAM, because it has the power of 4 GB of DDR3 Ram which is enough for current best graphical games available ! And about the processor which does every jobs so smooth, It has an intel core i5 processor which is born in the 4th generation to help you fast up all of your works ! This processor gives you 1.4 GHz of speed too..! And also this Mini edition of Mac gives you a clock speed of upto 5400rpm, which is powerful, durable as an audi sedan !!! So hope you liked this mini device of Apple lover dreams which can be made practical just in the price of an ordinary intel i5 laptop from another brand ! So This is the best choice for you to choose if you are planning to buy a good desktop ! Otherwise if you don\'t like it, then give your rating to this product above under the title of this article ! Anyway, enjoy the Apple, Enjoy Mac mini ! Its wonderful !

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