Samsung's Bombarding Note 7


The Exploded Note 7

Samsung is a South Korean Multinational Conglomerate Company mostly known for selling Consumer electronic goods like Smartphones, Sd cards,etc.The South Korean Giant recently Launched What is known as the Note 7 to it's note series of smart Phones.

Moment of disaster

Everything seemed to be fine, the Note 7 was selling great and bringing profits to Samsung Until Numerous Claims started to raise of it's battery exploding while charging.Due, to many such claims Samsung was forced to recall the already sold Note 7 Phones and temporarily halt it's sales of the Note 7.If, you happened to be one of the few people to have not yet have gotten your Note 7 replaced, Hurry!!

Tragic Loss

It is estimated that the recall and replacing of the Note 7 phones costed Samsung $1 Billion in Money.Adding Fuel to the Fire was all of this happened 1 Day Before the release of the New iPhone-7.Considering these 2 are rivals for the smart Phone market, this is a huge blow to Samsung in terms of both market share and Revenue.

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