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Few Weeks ago, Google has announced their new project named Android One. In this edition/version of Android, Google is trying to take android to the next level and also to the ordinarians !
This version is low of price, so that anyone can buy this without suffering any tensions...
But you may think that this is low of cost, so this won't have loads of features as we can see in bigger range smartphones.But in this case, thats being a big lie. Android One is having loads of more features which is more better and more usefull for poors or even Riches. Let's look on to what is great in it,

In this edition of android, Google is targeting everyone to have a smartphone. This has lot of meanings.

1. The world will become smart
2. Google will become more popular and will have more users.

Now you may have a question, that how can google be more popular than now ?
Yes , This android is really made to get more users to Google.In this edition, Google gives users the offer to get 200 MB per month for free !
But you should use Airtel to get this offer. And there are loads of more features added.
Google has added all the Google Apps(official) built in this edition.
And they are trying to spread android to the world- to all.

And now they're planned to give users the chance to Watch Youtube Videos offline  too.
But this is still a plan. But as of the owner is Google, It will sure be practical !

And users can also Subscribe to popular magazines and Newspapers online for free for 12 months .

Not just this, Users can even download New Android Updates for free 100% !!

Android One is great, But one problem but everyone likes it, that By using This android, The people will also use all the Google apps  , Google products including Google Ads. Google is still showing advertisements in all their sites. But Google ads are helpful for the people. So it won't be a fallback..

So Google Android One is great and greater than Any androids released before.

There are only few smartphones released now.But its sure that more will release soon.

This is the official Trailer of Android One
Visit for more detailed informations. 
If you have any Doubts about this version of Android Operating system or on where to buy these phones, Then Comments here please...
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