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Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch

By: Photographed In: Description: Screenshot from MOTOROLA official website !

Today, we're gonna talk about Motorola's latest Technology Smart watch. Moto 360 is a smooth running , simple looking, but smart little watch. A great difference between this smartwatch and others is that the shape of this one. Yes, This is in a smooth round shape which looks more pretty. But you may feel it as hard to use. But not really.Its easy to use and better than Samsung Gear Live. Samsung gear looks like an ordinary Digital Wrist watch.
But this looks a classic premium watch. Moto 360 is all the way great and sure you will love it....
First of all , The main thing is that This is a smartwatch. So you can handle it easier
And the next thing is that It has a 1.5 inch Capacitive touch LCD screen which is easier for your visions but smaller for handling.The display resolution is 320 x 290.
And something special in this smarty watch is that if you see this watch locked, You won't believe that this is a smart watch which has the power of Android and which represents the modern world.
Thats all because of the Shape of this watch.The round shape and the Perfect looking Clock screen saver will surely make you believe that this isn't a smartwatch.
Thats is where Motorola wins in this Product.
And thats why It became a SMARTWATCH.

SECRET:So, You can even take this watch to your school too... !!! No one can identify that this is a smartwatch. And none of them can understand that without your permission !!

So, Because of all of these great reasons, Motorola Moto 360 is a great and great little Smartwatch.
It will surely help you anywhere and it will standby with you always keeping your privacy.
But still there is a problem that Also this smartwatch can't work stand alone as others do. You should have a Smartphone with at least Android 4.3 installed. Thats what is bad in this and all other smartwatches !
That may be because of the Company's tensions.(Something like ; Will they stop buying Smartphones ?)or someway the limitations of the integrations in a small thing.

But we can still expect more Technology and stand alone Smartwatches from any company in future.
But the world is still Smart. With the power of Smartphones and Smartwatches !!!\

This is powered by the
Motorola Moto 360

Rated: 5 / 5 based on 4.2 customer reviews
$16,317 In stock
Product description: A smartwatch to feature android wear os in a quality performance

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