Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 | Smartwatch

Galaxy Gear 2

Samsung has lauched their new smartwatch named Galaxy gear 2. This is the best new smartwatch which is able to let you do everything you do in a smart phone. and this even has the power of android as any other smartwatch does. If you go somewhere, Gear 2 is here for you to come with you... You can manage your phone calls directly from this.. You can manage your sms from this. You can even give control your entire life in this little device.And with the power of the android operating system, You can do whatever you are able in an android device in this smartwatch too. You can control your smartphone easily with this watch.You can do any basic things on your Smartphone, like using the facebook and other social media chat services and much more....So this will be more helpful even while you are in a travel or anywhere else.So this is a great choice for you, if you're looking for a smart looking, smart working new android smartwatch with the Samsung branding. But if we try to compare this to other popular smartwatches. This is bad in price. You can still buy smartwatches with the most of these same specs by spending only a lower price.But this is not bad in specifications. So this won't be a failing project. Samsung will keep trying to get on to more buyers and users.
Manufactured by: Samsung
Model: Gear 2
5 based on 10 reviews

So , this is not bad and not the best... !

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