Future is here | Ubuntu Phone Arrives next Week !

It was really a long period in which we discussed and also dreamed the futuristic new smart device to come ! Yes it is the Ubuntu Phones ! Ubuntu for touch os was released so earlier ! But there was one problem that it didn't support smartphones other than Google's NEXUS Devices ! So it was just a dream for those who didn't have Nexus ! And also Canonical's plan was to launch a really great smartphone which doesn't just has an amazing operating system called Ubuntu touch, But it had 4GB of RAM, And a lot more amazing features which was really better and Greater than even iPhones And Samsung's Grand phones ! So it was really amazing in their plan ! But the budget to make these amazing features wasn't as easy as telling this ! So that made it fail. Their $32,000,000 wasn't just a dream ! A lot of people donated a lot of amount of good money to their fund ! And the Fund was finally raised to $12,814,216 USD . That's really enough to see most of the people love Ubuntu and Love to see it alive in smartphones too ! So its really cool to hear that for every Ubuntu or Linux Lovers.

And an Amazing thing I notice was that in their crowdfund official page in Indiegogo.com, They shows us a table which has every details of Ubuntu Edge, And also near that We could see Apple iPhone 5 Specs and also next to it, Samsung Galaxy S4 specs ! As compared these together, we can just see Amazing is still Amazing ! Ubuntu Edge is the best ever in those phones !
In their project they saw an amazing future for this smartphone, So that might be the reason why they decided to give it 4GBs of RAM ! Isn't it cool ? Isn't it the best ever amount of RAM in a smartphone you see ? Yes the answer might be YES ! Even an iPhone or an Xperia doesn't have such a great amount of RAM like this ! So we can expect its as fast as it is !  And also it has stereo Speakers which can give you effects of Surroundings in Games, And even in Movies too ! And in that time in 2013 , their plan was to give it 128 GB of internal Memory ! Which is really massive and Fantastic amount of internal memory that none of other smartphones has such a huge amount before or even now ! And the one thing that wasn't just impressive as the specifications was the failure of the project of everyones dream ! The main and only one reason which broke their plan was the Budget that they couldn't earn by crowdfunding  in indiegogo ! So it broke the hearts of everyone who loves Linux and Ubuntu too !

And Everything was gone from our minds ! And we didn't even think about it after their project failed ! And now that dream is returning to our minds again, Which is enough for everybody ! After that Failure, Canonical didn't stop at that, They used the fund they earned by crowdfunding to partnership a great other company to produce ubuntu phones ! Which was BQ Readers ! BQ Readers is a great company in Thailand and in some other countries which produces really different and unique products like Smartphones in special designs and also 3D printers ! A Real futuristic company ! So the people won't get tired of thinking that its a good company or not ! BQ Aquaris phones are known and loved by most of the people who knows a bit more about smartphones !
And now the Ubuntu phones are coming,  they announced their and also the world's first ever Smartphone which is powered by the world's most loved operating system Ubuntu
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But we can't just give hope to it that it will have really amazing specifications we expected to be seemed in +Ubuntu  edge ! But its really amazing that which is coming next week as of they announced.They announced that in their next release BQ Aquaris 4.5 it will be an Ubuntu phone for sure.It will have a really impressive amount of specifications that we can't just see in any other smartphones in the price of which we can buy it ! That is what special is in it ! It will have 1.3 GHz of processing speed and and a cool amount of 8GB internal memory, with 1GB of RAM. So it will be amazing to see it alive.It will be powered by a Quad-Core Cortex A7 Processor which can give you 1.3 GHz. And also it will have 8 Megapixels Rear Camera and also a 5 MP front facing camera ! So Skypers and selfie takers won't have to worry anymore !  And one more good thing is that it will be dual sim supported. So everyone can use this one, Which means Its targetted to every people who is in need of an advanced, and simple easy to use smartphone !!  Ubuntu always targetted that too...
Even while it doesn't feature an LTE Support, we can still say its an Amazing new Device which may change the world's taste of smartphones and thought of technologies ! Because its Ubuntu ! Its meant for the people ! Ubuntu won't leak your money, ubuntu won't disturb you with Virus, Ubuntu make you creative, Ubuntu make you amazing ! so its Amazing ! :)
Wait for it ! It will come to give life to the world. end

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