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Ubuntu for touch was released so earlier than we started thinking about ubuntu phones ! So Its a slight new review of the newer version of ubuntu for touch os !
 First of all, check out the image in the left, In this image we can see an introduction to the features and how to use tutorials which the phone shows the user only for the first time ! This is really a new and amazing feature which might be helpful for mostly every new ubuntu touch users ! So this overlay technology is really cool in look and ease in use for the users ! This makes the os look more premium.And by checking this image, we can just understand that the phone and the os only uses the device's Touch Screen interface to be integrated.
Which means the device in which ubuntu powers won't have any buttons other than the volume and power buttons ! That is a cool and futuristic feature we can see in this os !
And that is what you see in this image. So let's check out the second one,

And see this image in the right >> Don't you see anything kinda interesting in it ? Which we told as a mistake before ?? !! Didn't understand right ! Yes I will say it, Check out what is written in the image. Yes its right, There was no exact easy way before in ubuntu touch os to close the open applications.But now in this new release of the operating system, it has been added in a great easy way ! Now its just a swipe long to close the apps we don't use ! So its a bit more handy now.

And also check the menu given in the background of the intro screen, that menu was opened by swiping down from the top edge,! Yes its just as we seen in Android. So users won't have to worry about controlling chats, emails, Notifications and also settings like wifi, gps, or some other toggle things !

So its really great and amazing features fulfilled !

And Check out this cool another image, which shows you a really cool thing that you were expected to see ! Yes it is, if you swipe and hold from the left edge of the handy touch screen, it would show you the Unity Launcher which gives you easy access to your favorite applications. And also its 100% customisable too..

Its really a feature that you can't see in any other operating systems like Android or even iOS ! Because Unity is a Unique feature of Ubuntu which makes it uniquely easier than ever before !

So Unity Launcher will help the user to choose the apps easilly right from where they are !!

And also this left edge has one more specification too !!! That is, if you swipe from left edge to the right edge, the current open app will be minimized and another open app will be unminimized ! So its easier than easy to jump between open apps ! Just swipe left to right edges !

And ubuntu touch os is really what it is ! Its  really amazing in edges and also in everything too ! I think this is the first ever phone to have complete control just with the four edges of the screen ! So it will make the future of smartphones amazing and It is able to revolutionize the next generation of technology !

And one more thing is that , Ubuntu always makes the user to think, work, and help creative ! So using the touch os would also make you amazing ! its Sure that Ubuntu touch operating system will change your lifestyle !. end
images taken from: Noobslab

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