Samsung's Tizen OS - Review

The brand new Tizen Operating system for smartphones had been launched about a month ago. And now its been an amazing popular operating system in the field of technology now. And also people has started discussing a lot about this now. So why don't we discuss this amazing new matter we got? That's why  I write this post now. 
First of all the main reason we discuss about this OS is that This OS is powered by Linux kernel just as we know in Android too. So its something great out here. And there is some more secrets to say to you.

First of all let me say about the design and User interface layouts. The main thing we can notice in this os is that it has a taste of multiple great Operating Systems we already know and may be used before. ! You can find the flavor of Windows 8 Phone, Android, and also iOS in the design and usage layouts in this OS. But we can't say its completely copying the Android or Windows or those OS's. Because Samsung is trying to make the users happy and they try to make them use it easily as they just did before in the old Android or Windows phones. That might be the reason why they added a flavor of Windows 8 phone os and android os in this Tizen OS. So we can't say its copied design. And if we say it in one word, its mostly like Android. And the theme is just a bit like iOS. But in some places, its more like Windows phone OS!! Are you confused now? Ok don't worry. I just told about the design and I was trying to explain how amazing it is. Not how bad it is. It isn't bad and it is great in look. Don't worry about that.

Nothing more to say about the basic Specifications of this great new OS. But let me just say about the great and special new things I noticed in this Special new OS.
First of all there is an amazing navigation system to browse through all the apps. Its similar to Android in use. But there is one big difference, that It has multiple movements. Didn't get it?
I mean it has multiple type of swipes enabled in that menu. If you go to the menu, you can swipe the bottom part of the menu in separate and the top part in another separate! I'm not gonna confusing you anymore. Okay? Just watch this video and you will get how it works.

Hope you could watch it and understand how it works. And let me say the another great feature I liked in this OS, is that It is 99% customisable. As an Ubuntu lover, That's what I liked the most in this Tizen OS. And because of that customisablity, it may change the future of the home appliances too... !! There is a lot of chances that the Samsung is now planning to use Tizen OS in their Home appliances too. Then you can control your refrigerator, Air conditioner, Television, and a lot of stuff through your smartphone or smart watch comes with Tizen. Samsung has already launched some Tizen products. But not appliances but smart devices like Smart watch and Smartphones. There is one available now is too cheap and that makes the people buy it quick. And that's not the only reason, because people don't just look at the price.Most of them check its usability too. So the more people bought it means more people trust its good and usable easy. ! So we can 100% say, Tizen is great and it's going to change the future of Smart Devices we just started dreaming and started building. !!!

Keep waiting and your home will also be smart with Tizen. There is 90% chance for that. At least your next generations will be smarter than you,me and all with smart home. We can call those homes then Smart house!!

Smartphone, Smart TV, Tablet, everything's here. And then it is clear the path, So there will be smart homes in the future for sure.. Wait for it....

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