GNOME 3.16 has been released!

A lot before, gnome was a cheap and crappy desktop environment which is mostly used by people who don't have money and who just need the basic operations of a computer.So it was too simple and visually nothing to look at.! GNOME was a really smooth but looking bad Desktop environment then. But now a few years ago, the brand new shell of GNOME and also with a brand new User Interface had been launched. And it was amazing and just stands beside Ubuntu's latest Unity desktop environment.

From the Version of GNOME 3.12, Its amazing. But there was one big problem that every users had to face- It was too difficult to use for an ordinary Linux/Ubuntu/GNOME user. That made it a bit to go back in usage. But still it was amazing in performance and usabilities for the ones who had experienced in it. The main advantage of GNOME's new shell is that it is really fast and it has fixed the old problem that people hated it's Interface. So it is really making GNOME amazing. And the improvements are really that we've never seen before. But just because of the usabilities and hard to learn usage layouts, it's been a bit hard for ordinary computer users. But lots of pros still use GNOME!!! That's what is the proof that GNOME is amazing...

So let's talk about this new version just launched now...
There is a lot of new improvements and bug fixes in this new edition.

First of all it has a great new looking Notification bar on the top right side. And if you look at it straight, you can notice that the notification feature has a bit flavor of Android notifications and iOS notifications. But if you ask "Is GNOME is Copying Android or iOS?" The answer is NO. Because it is first time we see such type of Notifications in a desktop environment. So we can't compare it with Android or such Mobile Operating systems. And the main advantage of adding this new notification menu is that you will get facebook messages, twitter notifications and lot of such notifications we can expect.

And its faster than Ubuntu I believe, Because it has an improved style, but it is still GNOME which had always been fast and simple. And if you had used the old versions of GNOME 12 shell, Then don't think it's still like that old Black and grey colored. Because the color combination has completely been changed. Now there is mostly White and black used. But there is still an amazing unlimitness of customisations possible.!! Because its a Linux....!!!

GNOME calls their new look "Contemporary"
 And there is a lot more improvements in this GNOME 3.16 edition. There is new animations and overlay transitions are used. And also a lot more things which makes it amazing in look and also usage. But still it doesn't makes the OS run so slow...! Its just like Unity. But its not Unity. Its Unique. That's what we can call it.

And also all of the notifications we got as a popup window before will now come up in the notifications drop down placed left the Clock and calender.So it will be easier for the people who've used Android or smartphone OS's. But still its a bit harder to use for ordinary people. But the people who has experience in using GNOME, then its made for them. The people who've used most of the versions of GNOME. So its made for them. They can use it with ease.And also there is a bit more great things we didn't notice at first look is that there is a lot more application controls has been added to the Notification bar. So it will be easier to control the apps like Alarms, Timer, and music players, just as we experienced in the Ubuntu with Rhythmbox or Audacious !!

That means you can just use the basic controls of applications right inside the notification bar!!

And also it has a lot of unique apps like Maps, image viewer and some others too... And the design of the User Interface. We can't just ignore it from appreciations... That design deserves it. And also the Maps app has a new improvement called Foursquare check ins, which integrates the maps with your connected facebook account and adds extra info bubbles to the Maps.

And let me say the UI design is pretty amazing than Mac

And one good news at last, is that GNOME 3.16 may be shipped as default with Ubuntu 15.04 or 15.10. But still its not sure. So wait for it. But I prefer you to download it right from the internet.

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