Vivid Vervet is here at last | Ubuntu 15.04 Changes

Let me first say that there  is not much changes added in this new version of Ubuntu as usual. But it is changed  a lot more. You may be confused. Let me explain!

We can't find lots of improvements in design as we usually do in this new version. But still there is changes made in this Vivid Vervet. This version is mostly made with improvements to the internal technologies and the things that we don't see!
So we cant find so much difference in this Ubuntu version. You may feel that it is just the same 14.10. But its not.
Check out the main changes in this version of Ubuntu:

  • Even if the Linux kernal 4.0 has been released it had been too late for Ubuntu to wait for. So in this version, We get Linux kernal version 3.19.3.But its not bad!
  • The main color scheme has changed a little more. From the orange to Purple background color schemes.
  • Updated Applications : In this version we can see a lot of applications are updated by default and the main thing we can say in highlight is that Libreoffice. Its been updated to the latest version.
  • Its still using Unity 7. : As Unity is a great looking Desktop environment, It  is not bad. But even after 2-3 years, Its not yet been upgraded to the version 8 as we heard a lot before.
Mostly This new version of Ubuntu is amazing and it is greater for official, home and any kind of usages. And I prefer Ubuntu for kids and I'm pretty sure that Ubuntu would make children think creative and redirect them from playing Games all the time.
(I am a big example!!)

And now you may download it if you like it,

Download 32 Bit Download 64 Bit

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