Sony Xperia M4 - Phone that is really Smart | Review

Hello, This is a brief review of the wonderful brand Sony's latest mid range smartphone Xperia M4.
This smart new device is a new generation of the Sony's M2 series. But Its better and mostly improved too. Thats the difference it has in most.
   Sony made a big thought that people need good and water proof smartphones for cheaper price.
And thats why they made this phone water and dust proof. This phone is about ₹22,000 in india.
And it has extremely great features  too..
  First of all, let's take a look at the camera.
     CAMERA in this phone is amazing as it is one of the Sony's best phone cameras. It has a 13 Megapixels which is ultra superb in low light as compared to other smartphones.Sony has their own new technology in this 13 megapixel camera which helps it make the photos and videos amazingly bright and vivid.
   It doesn't just have a rear  camera of 13 MP. It also has a 5MP front camera which is great to take good looking selfies.It works like a point and shoot camera.

And in brief, this phone has 100/100 in camera.

And the next thing, Display.
This smart new phone has a 5 inch HD Display which allows you to view extremely wonderful pictures  and videos.
And also this is a sony phone, so the display is brighter than any other too.

And about the Design, this phone has a sleek but not new design. Sony didn't make any big changes in the design of the main body. But they've made a lot of features stunning in the hardware and software.

The main advantage of taking this phone is that it has Android 5.0 Lollipop as the Operating system. As compared  to the older devices from the same brand, it was looking a bit bad in the User interface (UI). But now its all solved with Google's new Android 5.0. Which has a flat UI design that looks amazing and clean.
This improvement gives a nice user experience.
    And also in this phone, its slimmer than before. The body is as slim as 7.3 mm thin now. So it will look amazing in hand also with the Sony's tradepower Aluminium power button on the right.!!

And one of the biggest advantage of this smartphone, is that its Battery life. Sony has made a big difference in this one. This Xperia M4 Aqua is not just good in CAMERA and Water/Dust proof. It is extraordinary in Battery life too. It has a 2400mAh Li-Ion battery which gives a large time of 2 full Days!!!
And its not just being said by Sony. Everyone who bought this phone says its right as sony says...
It gives you the power to hear music for almost 64 Hours!! and Playback of Videos for upto 7 Hours.!! That is an extreme amount of playback time you can get from this.
So you don't have to worry about the charge from now, if you own this smart new device, you can just go along without even thinking about battery....!

And its not just an ordinary phone that has Water proof , dust proof and Good battery life. It is a 4G phone which supports LTE with a faster technology.

The phone has 2 Gigabytes of RAM and 1.5 GHz of processing speed which is just more than enough to do whatever you think...!
The Ocata-core Processor will never  make you stuck anywhere....
The speed is enough to play any games you wish without even being stuck anywhere.
You can drive without scaring
So anyway, Sony's new try is yet another success. They made yet another awesome device that can rock on performance and outstand in build quality.... So anyway, Xperia m4 Aqua is a great new smartphone...

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