Free Download Mac OS like Boot logo for Ubuntu

 Hello, are you an Ubuntu user? And are you so creative? Then you might have thought of editing the themes of your ubuntu system and make it look how you want it to be... May be you are one like that... And that might be why you are reading this article right in here now....
So, you may be thinking that why am I saying such things. I was like that. I always wanted to edit my ubuntu themes and even almost everything as I liked... I didn't like Windows that time. I was a pure Ubuntu enthusiast. But I always wanted to make the structure of a traditional ubuntu style and make it look like a premium Operating system. I always wanted that. And so I searched online for every doubts I had and found how to edit almost every visible things in ubuntu. And that way I found how to edit the splash screen of ubuntu. If you don't know what I meant by splash screen, then here it is,

These splash screens are somehow not visible in some devices. But in most, it is. And you will see those red dots being lit and being white one by one. Its a good animation. But as a creative thinker, you might want to change it and make it look more like something you love. As I loved Apple, I wanted to make my Ubuntu look like Apple OS. And I have tried lots of themes and none were as good enough as I wanted. And that is how I turned into learning the basics of editing the default plymouth theme in Ubuntu.
A Splash screen or Boot animation is called Plymouth theme in Ubuntu
And after that, the result was something like this,

 I got the logo from the internet and made few edits and made it a plymouth theme. And there you go,...

If you want to install this theme on you ubuntu and change that old ubuntu orange dot splash animation to something premium like this..

Information on how to install this plymouth theme on your Ubuntu, is in this page : Click here

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