Indian Ubuntu lovers wait is over | Two Ubuntu phones launched in India (BQ Aquaris)

As all the Ubuntu lovers were waiting in India, two Ubuntu phones were just launched by the famous and the first company which built an Ubuntu phone.
The spanish hero, and the first company to launch ubuntu phones has officially launched their two Ubuntu based smartphones in India.
You may have already heard about those sleek little devices just when they were launched in european union even while it weren't available to buy from out of Europe. That made us all disappointed a little. But even then, Indian Ubuntu lovers kept on searching for ubuntu phones to come and their specs a lot. And at last, that long time of waiting is ending here. Ubuntu Phones are here.

BQ Has launched Two devices with Ubuntu touch as the default operating system which are AQUARIS E4.5  and AQUARIS E5

BQ Aquaris E4.5 is a low end smartphone which has limited features but still good enough.
And BQ Aquaris E5 is a little more better than E4.5. And it has better features which really people need.

Aquaris E4.5 comes with a non HD IPS Display which is good enough but still a bit bad even while the Aquaris E5 has HD IPS Display which is far better than that.

There is something cool is that these two devices has big difference in features which really contrasts the people. But still their prices are only about 2,000₹ different. But it is good from the side of the buyers.

Aquaris E4.5 has an 8GB of internal memory and Aquaris E5 has 16GB. And everything is almost double the amount in Aquaris E5. And also about the RAM, Aquaris E5 has 1GB of RAM while the E4.5 has only 512 MB.!

And if we check about the Camera, it has also big difference. E5 has 13 Megapixel Primary camera and 5 Megapixel Front facing camera. And the E4.5 has only 8 Megapixel Primary and 5 Megapixel front snapper.

There is big difference between these two devices. But if you check their prices you will have to wonder why!
Aquaris E4.5 is ₹11,999 and Aquaris E5 is priced at ₹13,499 ... Its no big different right?
Yes it isn't. 

Let the price be anything, Lets check the specifications,
If you check out the tech specs of both of these devices, you won't see any big difference. But still both are performing very well as per the user reviews. Aquaris E5 is a little bit bigger than E4.5 . But its just a little difference. But as we can guess, Aquaris E5 is a new model in which they fixed the problems found in the E4.5 version even while they don't say that.

And one good thing is that both models have dual sim support. So its so easy to carry your contacts with you. And also about the processor, both smartphones has 1.3 GHz of clockspeed which is good enough for gaming and everything at most. Both phones has Quad Core Cortex A7 Processor.

Android is a young brother of Ubuntu (Android has Linux Kernal in base). So Ubuntu might be experienced than Android!

And the Greatest thing you get by buying this amazing little device is that UBUNTU TOUCH Operating system.

Yes I am talking about Ubuntu. Ubuntu had never been so easier to use like in this one before even in Computers. Ubuntu had lots of limitations. But those were gone within the past few years.
And then we all waited for Ubuntu edge, a great smartphone announced  by canonical to come.But it was a failure. But from then onwards, ubuntu was being optimized for greater user experience to be used in smart devices. And now it became a great os which looks pretty cool than any other. It has a new way of usage. So it is making a big difference in the world of smartphone. When Samsung launched a Linux based OS named Tizen, it was a big Success. When Google has a Linux Based OS called Android, it is also a big success. They are all Linux. But they just look different. So Think what happens when the biggest and the most popular and used Linux Operating system's Developers make an os for smartphones......!

That is what happened here. Most big companies scare to take a challenge to add new os in their devices. Because they want to make sure that whether it is a success or not. But BQ took a big challenge towards that thought and they launched it. So we might have to thank BQ for launching millions of peoples' Dream come true smartphone.

These phones even support 3G for now.4G can be expected in MEIZU MX4 or even a newer ubuntu device from BQ.
 But for now this is a great relief for those who loved to buy one of those ubuntu phones.
And this means that BQ knows the mind of the people. We Appreciate it.

(I am feeling happy as I also sent a message to BQ saying that please launch it in India!)

                                     BUY NOW

For now these ubuntu phones are exclusively available through Snapdeal in India.
If you want to be different. you can be. Life at your Fingertips!

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The following videos may be helpful.

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