Take beautiful photos with a point and shoot camera !

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Look at this photo, See how good it is. And I didn't use a DSLR to capture this photo. Instead, I used my +Sony Handycam Digital camcorder to capture this beautiful photo. And in this tutorial, we're gonna cover how we can get the maximum result out of our point and shoot camera or camcorders like Handycam!

  1. Make your camera as steady as possible while taking the photo.
  2. Point and shoot cameras have a small sensor when compared to DSLRs(not in case of costly point and shoot cams).So that a very small shake can cause a bad blur on the photo we take.So keep your camera very steady and capture the photo only when its steady.
  3. Use the timer function instead of pressing the shutter button to capture.
  4. A slight vibration can cause the photo to be slightly blurred, or non clear.So use the timer function after focusing and leave the camera stable to take very nice and clear pictures.
  5. Don't take pictures handheld!
  6. When taking photos with your point and shoot camera, don't take it handheld if you want really great photos.You can take it handheld if the situation is like that.But when shooting a non-moving subject, use a tripod instead of holding the camera on your hand.And don't forget to use the timer function to make sure you get the best out of it.
  7. Make sure you focus the right object!
  8. Most point and shoot cameras doesn't offer a manual focus function.If one has the function, then use it to touch focus the subject.But when you touch focus a subject, that may or may not be in focus.So to verify that, most cameras offer a way to identify this. When you touch on the cameras' screen or press the shutter half way down to focus, then you might notice one or more green colored boxes around your subject(if you're in auto mode). If that box doesn't turn green and you don't hear the bleep noise, then move the camera a little and retry focusing. By doing this, make sure that the subject is sharply in focus and make your photo entirely perfect.Remember one thing that you won't hear that bleep noise if the object is not focused.!

Hope you enjoy this post.!

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