Motorola Moto G4 Plus : Review | Pros and Cons

Hey there guys, This is yet another post after a long gap again. And this time, you're reading the brief review of the brand new Motorola Moto G4 Plus.

Smartphone lovers are always eager to know more about a phone whenever there is a new one. And this is yet another new smartphone from the great brand Motorola. And this time, Motorola has came up with a great new smartphone, with great specifications and a great new design too. 

This time, Motorola has added a fingerprint sensor on the bottom of the screen. But the placement seems to be not too good, because people usually likes to have a fingerprint sensor on the back. 
But its okay, because this phone powers a great fingerprint sensors that works almost very fast.
So we have to ignore that even if it makes the phone look slightly bad from the front. 
It would have been better to see the phone in a clean premium design on the front. The Fingerprint sensor makes it look like an old design....
 And this phone features a great processor which is powerful enough to play almost all good graphical games, even though it lags on some particular high end games. When compared to the Moto G3, the previous generation of this smartphone, this phone performs great with that new Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 CPU inside. This smartphone sports a new 16 Megapixel  rear camera which is supported by a Laser Autofocus technology which makes the camera one of the best in the range. 
And its great to see that this phone came with the latest Android Marshmallow, and that  makes this phone perform greater than others. The 5.5 Inch screen maybe too big for some people, but still its good for the big screen lovers. You can hold it on your hand, even though you can't completely take control of the phone with one hand.
Even though, the 1080p Full HD display gives fantastic picture quality, as usual. The display is vibrant enough and its slightly improved compared to the previous generation Moto G3.
Even while the 16 MP rear camera makes it great, the front facing 5MP camera may not be enough for some selfie lovers. But still, that 5MP works fine enough as it is a front camera.
With the rear camera, you can shoot 1080p 30fps Full HD videos that are vibrant and good in case of quality.

When coming to the sensors' side, this phone has an accelerometer, gyroscope, light sensor and that fingerprint sensor you saw. But still this phone lacks a great feature that could have been very great to see on such a phone, NFC! Yeah, If you don't know about the usages of NFC, please don't think bad. NFC is a very useful feature to have on a smart device. If you have a +Sony  camera with NFC on it, you can understand why I said that. And otherwise, this phone has all necessary sensors that anybody would need. 

We can't complain Motorola for not including NFC on such a budget smartphone because, NFC is not usually found on the category. But still that +Lenovo K4 Note has NFC which is lesser costlier than this phone!
 Moto G4 plus comes in two 3 variants, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. But still I recommend going for 32GB or 64GB. And this phone comes with three different RAM options too, 2GB, 3Gb and a 4GB!!.
But you can't buy a 16GB with 3GB or 4GB RAM  at the same time! Because its based on the one you select. The one with 32GB ROM comes with a 3GB Ram and the 64GB one comes with a 4GB RAM. And I recommend buy the 32GB one because, it has lesser heating issues compared to the 4GB one.

I'm not making you bored by this review, I want to let you know the problems before you buy this phone. 
Check out the PROS and CONS Below for more short info on this.....

  1. Fast and accurate Fingerprint Sensor
  2. Upto 64GB is offered
  3. Can capture 120fps Slow motion videos(120fps at 540p resolution)
  4. USB OTG Support
  5. 16 Megapixel Laser autofocus camera with dual led flash.

  1. Heats up very fast (Even when not using heavy apps)***
  2. NFC is not included
  3. Device is not water resistant(Moto G3 was)
  4. Battery is not removable.
  5. The camera app lags sometimes.
  6. Doesn't support VoLTE

    *** UPDATE : The Heating issue has been almost solved by Motorola with just a few simple software updates! And now, its one of the perfect devices. Before, it touched around 50°C, and now it touches the max of around 45°C. That's a huge improvement and now this one is a very nice one to purchase.

Should you buy this phone?

If you ask me whether you should buy this phone or not, I'd say, YES!
Because this phone has the power to be your favorite smart device. But I'd prefer the 32GB or 16 GB variant, because the 64GB - 4GB RAM variant has a very high heating issue. 32GB might be enough and you can expand it by using a micro SD too. So the 32GB variant is the best choice if you're gonna buy a Moto G4 Plus. And I'd prefer not choose the Moto G4, because G4 Plus is much better in case of everything. Both has same power inside but the features are pretty less in that Moto G4.
So go for G4 Plus if you want to have a great smartphone on your hand. But if you hate heating, you shouldn't go for this device.!

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