The Over-Hyped Iphone 7 Or Is It?

If you don't know the Iphone is a game changing chain of smart phones that are designed and marketed by Apple.Firstly introduced By Tech Visionary Steve-Jobs(Read a blog that's coming soon on Steve Jobs, how a dreamer changed this world) the iphone has No doubt become one of the most revolutionary products of the 20th century!The series includes 2 types that come out every alternative year and also features 2 models in each of them.The first series comes out with the name such as the iphone 6 and iphone6+,the following year another type is introduced to this world after it's predecessor named like the iphone 6s and iphone6s+. Apple makes 1 phone for a year that is Long awaited and hyped by rumours.We have been finally over to the official release of the IPHONE7.This is Sathvik, join me as we explore all the new features, What we think are the biggest Let-downs,Biggest improvements and some of the rumours which are and aren't true.
                                                             Concept model


Just like every year wev'e had plenty of rumours surrounding the New Iphone 7.

1.Apple's ditching the headphone-Jack
2.Apple is coming with a blue colour Iphone
3.Apple is gonna come up with a new design
   The list goes on and on

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                                                          The new iphone 7 in Jet Black


1.The Iphone had a huge bump in the camera line-up and the 7+(the bigger variant) featured not one but 2 camera's in the rear side.
2.The Iphone 7 is now totally internally redesigned to be water-resitant
3.The iphone 7 now feature's stereo Speakers
4.This is the Iphone with the longest battery ever
5.It's available in 2 new colours namely Black and Matt-black
6.The airpods
7.They bumped up the internal storage option
8.A totally new Home button
9.A huge improvement in Hardware, with it's new A10 chip the Iphone 7 screams
10.Finally, the new screen that is brighter and more vivid
Apple claims this is the best Iphone that they have ever made.
As we can see some of the rumours had the features right and some didn't.
As far as i'm concerned I My biggest Upgrade is Definitely the new Camera and I'd say that my biggest let down is there is no Wireless charging on this Thing.


Just like any year, apple has lived up to it's hype by bringing out many new features and with apple's sales dropping only time can tell if This phone saves the fate of apple and keeps it as the most valuable company ever created!!    

And here's a funny video which might be interesting to you...

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